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Zardetto for Peace – Ukraine support

Zardetto is a brand with almost ninety years of history ,founded on the passion for a job that over the years has become an art, that of transforming the excellence of the territory into surprising experiences.

A reliable brand , capable of creating a perfect harmony between the traditions of the past and modern innovations, inspired by positive values that we have always tried to convey to those who , like us , believe in the importance of a free and heterogeneous community. We are an Italian company specialized in the production of sparkling wines , which started from the Italian capitals of taste to arrive first to take Prosecco to the United States and then to all five continents.

Nowadays we are ambassadors of Prosecco di Conegliano in the world. We enhance the importance of a unique area, caressed by the wind and kissed by the sun, which embraces some steep hills illuminated by a mild climate in which the cold air from the mountains meets with the warm air from the sea.
We are pioneers in costant evolution with the aim of inspiring positive thinking through sensory experiences and unique sensations.

The Z has never been just the last letter of the alphabet for us , but it represents the history and hallmark of a brand based on tradition and innovation, on values such as multiculturalism, equality and respect for gender, ethnic groups, disabilities and of any sexual, religious or political orientation.

We condemn any form of discrimination , especially in light of the latest events related to the current international scenario. Our Z, that is the emblem of our character and essence, must unite us in distancing ourselves from any form of violence.

War is never the answer, discrimination can never be an option.

The Z stands for Zardetto, a company that has always been linked to an ideal of peace. The history, passion and evolution of a brand can’t be confused with hate actions. We can’t renounce to a distinctive element of our history, but we distance ourselves, all together, from what is happening.

Let’s start again from here, together, united for peace.

Zardetto, the Italian art of taste.